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26th Aug, 2007

U-Go Girl


Raving Faves: Fated Feather

This is Raving Faves, the bit for talking about what's on my faves list and why.

Starting off, I'm going to talk about what is one of the best concept comics on Drunk Duck. Fated Feather. What's so great about the concept? I will sum up the concept in one sentence:

Young women, from different places in time and space, on a time travelling pirate ship.

Now, THAT is an awesome concept. A time travelling PIRATE SHIP. That's freaking cool. Fated Feather is drawn in old style hatched pencil work. No fancy CG here, and no shortcuts taken. It may not look flashy, but it looks like what it is, a piece of artwork into which boatloads of time and effort have been poured. Oh, and besides the artwork, the story is really engaging, so even though it's not pacey, it draws you in. Finally, the mark of a good time travel romp, it's well-researched. That makes me happy, because I'm pedantic.


Go and have a read!

25th Aug, 2007

Rekki Happy


Drunk Duck forum drinking game

Take a shot for every thread you see which:

Is a thread on a subject like 'Which is better, black and white or colour?'
Is a thread on a subject 'which is better, cartoons or realism?'
Is a thread on a subject like 'How can I get more readers/hits?'
Is a [plug] thread where the person has given the thread a title which is either very long or really stupid to get attention, rather than just 'name of comic' [plug].
Is a thread asking how to learn HTML.
Is a thread about sexism in comics.
Ends up as just some people arguing with Robert Tidwell over a moot point.
Is a thread moaning about or defending THAT COMIC (the one you're not allowed to mention).
Is a thread moaning about or defending manga
Is a thread asking why everybody hates sprites so much.
Descends into a flame war
Because of Marine
Is later saved from descending into ashes by Ozone Ocean

You will be a very Drunken Duck if you do all of those....


Why you're better off not mentioning THAT comic

Don't mention that comic.
I'm not even going to say its name, and if you hear anybody say it's name, I suggest you get into the habit of punching them. Seriously. We could avoid a whole lot of forum arguments if everybody just didn't mention it.
Maybe you like it, maybe you don't, maybe you're entirely indifferent towards it, like me.
Okay, so it's in the top five with below fifty strips, and most of it's hits come from outside the duck, and some of it's fans are fans of a certain fetish...It's not cheating or anything. There's nothing you can do to get it banned, or make people dislike it or make it less popular.... In fact, every time you mention it, moan about it or whatever, it'll only make MORE people check it out and start yet another flame war. So don't.
If you see somebody talking about THAT comic, why not try applying a quick 'Don'tstartthatagainPUNCH!'

23rd Jul, 2007



Remix 3.0!

Welcome to the first post for this new community!
This tag 'Community Chest', is for events.

And what better way to introduce it than talking about why I love...Comic Remix:

Comic Remix is on its third round this time. The point is that everybody puts their comic in the pool and is drawn somebody else's comic at random. They choose a page of that comic and recreate it in their own way. Anything can be changed except the dialogue, though some have deviated from this, particularly in remix 1, when the rules weren't so fully understood, and changed punchlines, or put in punchlines on serious comics.

So why is comic remix worth a look? Well, first off, it's a great way to discover comics that you may not have seen before. Secondly, it's really fun seeing a new spin put on a comic you know, or even your own comic if you enter! You'll also be treated to seeing a new side of artists you're used to seeing draw a different type of comic. Charil Zweig, creator of the serious manga 'Mastermind BTRN' drawing a gamer gag strip was a particularly strange deviation! Thirdly, there's the phenomenal quality of the art. Everybody tries their best to do justice to the page they're remixing, and you'll see some superb work by great artists on there.

3.0 is just underway at the moment. The original pages are uploaded first, then the remixes are added when all the pages are up. Add it to your favourites NOW. If you want to sign up for the inevitable 4.0 when it happens, the guy to contact is kingofsnake, who organises the whole thing himself! What a guy! The only rules for entering are that your comic must be at least 20 pages long, must be on Drunk Duck, and must have at least a decent standard of art. Not sprites or talking blobs drawn in MSpaint.
So just to prove how awesome this is, have a gander at:
Terminal doing a freaking amazing flash animated version of 'Blip'!
Pink Diapers doing a really dark and arty mix of 'This Ego of Mine'!

This time around, contestants include Rei Davidson of 'Paranormal Activity' and Silent Kitty, creator of 'Purgatory Tower'! You know you need to add it to your favourites. NOW.